Filling blank planner pages with ‘tumblr poetry’ 2 days ago
'And the dreams you left behind,
You didn’t need them;
Like every single wish we ever made.’ 5 days ago
The first time I visit the Magnum pop-up store just has to be the one time I’m too full for dessert.  (at Magnum Manila Cafe) 2 weeks ago
Salinger to get me through the night because I couldn’t find ‘The Guardian’ 😞🐺 1 month ago
Doors of my future house 🏠 1 month ago
And the award for worst penmanship goes to… 1 month ago
"She lends her pen
 to thoughts of him
 that flows from it
 in her solitary.
For she is his poet,
 and he is her poetry.” 1 month ago with 3 notes
"I choose to love you today,
because I, too,
am imperfect, neglectful, and unworthy
But you choose to love me
And that’s all that I would ever ask of you.”
//N. Romeo 1 month ago
Min and Kisses to keep me company #foreveralone 1 month ago
Just in case someone’s being a prick, you can take them here and push them against the wall. It’d look like a total accident. (at Exile on Main Street) 1 month ago
One of yesterday’s impulsive purchases 😍 2 months ago
New playthings in the classiest color (and un/fortunately, not in pink) 2 months ago
Borrowed these films from the Cervantes’ library. How good are Spanish horror films? 4 months ago
Feelingera level x100 ✏️ 4 months ago
Earlier at Holly’s:
Guy: “Hi, can I ask you guys a question?”
Awkward Bon: “Ookaaay?”
G: “Can I give you some of my kisses?”
Friend: “What kind of kisses?”
B: “If they’re Hersheys Kisses, then yes.”
G: *pulls out chocolates with a sly grin* “Of course they’re Hersheys Kisses, what kind of kisses were you thinking? Happy April Fools! Oh, and by the way, you’re being videotaped.” 4 months ago